Sitting with it

I am overflowing with inspiration and ideas. My biggest problem is trying to narrow it down and focus on just one. That applies to just about all of my life though. I tend to find inspiration everywhere which creates constant evolution in my work and myself.

I sold two pieces this week. One piece was a piece I had just finished. Instead of rushing through it, I sat back and let it evolve slowly. it’s a piece that when I started, I had envisioned to be something different by the end. It’s birch trees right before winter. I had planned to add a few dwindling leaves hanging on. Once the trees were done though, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do anymore to it. I put it up

winter's blisson my facebook page to see what others thought. I got an overwhelming response to just let it be. I slept on it, woke the next morning and saw it with the sunlight coming through the windows, and decided that it was done. I liked it in it’s simplicity. I think the leaves would have ruined the entire feel of it.

I’ve been a reactionary person most of my life. Do it now! I’m slowly learning to trust the process and feel my way through it; to allow myself time to step back and look at what’s in front of me before my (generally emotional induced) quick reaction. Looks like this time it paid off.



About Anastacia Drake - Fine Artist

I am from Kansas and I have traveled all over the world. I am an artist, and I have a business brain. I love skirts and tennis shoes. I like to get dirty and ride motorcycles. I am sensitive and I can be mean. I love nature, and believe in protecting it. I love to laugh, and feel better after a good cry. I can be stubborn and impatient. I am constantly growing. I am open and free. I look to be inspired and love to inspire. I play guitar and secretly want to play drums. I have a puppy that brings me great joy. I love hugs, cuddling, holding hands...and wrestling. I love the mountains and the beach. I have to make a pilgrimage to the ocean at least twice a year to balance myself. I believe in balance in all things. Traveling is a passion, and meeting interesting people from all over the world is the perk! I have small town values, and big city dreams. I love beer, hate wine. I believe that what you put out comes back. I believe and live by the belief of treating others like you want to be treated. I enjoy stimulating conversation, and a good sense of humor. Caffeine is my drug of choice, and coffee over chess or good conversation is my luxury. I am strong but sometimes feel small. I strive to be my authentic me.
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