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Paint Your Pet Portrait – Take 2

This class ended up booking in out in 48 hours. It was such a huge hit, that I’m offering another by request. If you’re in the Kansas City area July 19th and want something fun to do, come join us. … Continue reading

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Flowers that Never Die

When my son was a toddler, he use to talk people into buying me flowers on his behalf because he knew that I loved them. When he was about 3 he became sad when I explained he couldn’t keep touching … Continue reading

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Flowers and Cows

I paint textured landscapes and flowers, and I paint cows. I love both subject matters in very different ways. I’ve decided that for marketing purposes I need to separate the two. As a result, all of my landscapes and flowers … Continue reading

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Travel & Inspiration

Travel and art are two of my biggest passions. I’ve been fortunate enough to do a lot of traveling this year. So much so, I haven’t had as much time to work on all of the ideas and inspiration that … Continue reading

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Rules were meant to be broken

I have always had a sort of personal rule that when a painting is finished and I sign my name to it, I do not touch it again. I decided that this rule had to be broken. As I was … Continue reading

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Painting with the Bambinos

I sat painting in the shade. It’s exactly as an artist residency should be. Inspired by the other artists working around me, I sipped my coffee, and painted little sketches that I had done throughout the week. There was to … Continue reading

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10 ways I’ve turned lemons into lemonade

Summer was a whirlwind of art festivals and shows. It may have been the busiest summer I’ve had. It was good because in all of the busy work I got some real focus on my direction and what I want … Continue reading

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