The Art Camper Project

For quite awhile I have had this vision in my mind: an art camper. If I could figure out how to merge my two passions, travel and art, it could be amazing.

My vision includes a fiberglass camper trailer that will have a wrap of my artwork on the outside. A small studio space inside with a place to sleep and be inspired and travel.

This week, I took the first steps to make this come true. I bought a camper! I bought it from an elderly couple who can no longer use it. They told me 15027924_10209201934018555_5125255364576496871_nstories of travels and summers spent in it. This camper comes with a lot of love and I’m happy to be able to carry it on. I look forward to many adventures in it, though those are still taking form in my mind.

My first task will be to clean it out. It as if they left everything from their last trip in it. Then to clean and start customizing it!

Stay tuned for updates on how the project transforms.


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I’m off to do important things

“I’m off to do important things,” I said as I walked out the door this morning to head to the art studio. I meant it as a joke. I mean, how important can creating art be? It’s not like I’m doing brain surgery.

It only took a few introspective moments to realize however that it wasn’t a joke at all. I am doing important things. With the recent violence and the medias constant fueling of the anger, rage, revenge and hate, it is important to find some sort of beauty in the world right now.

This week as I was putting my son to sleep, he asked, “Mom, what is the meaning of life?”. This is a pretty loaded question, and he always challenges me to search for answers appropriate for a 7 year old. We talked awhile and one of the things I found myself saying was that part of it was to make the world a better place. To not cause harm but to leave it in a better state.

And this is MY purpose. To create beauty in the world. To fill it with color, happiness, and inspiration. To hear people say at my art shows, “your work makes me feel so happy”.

So today, I’m off to do important things. Have a beautiful day.

FullSizeRender (37)

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Studio tour for this week

I got such great feedback from my last studio video I think I will try to make it a regular thing. This week I show you my first 3 Creative Challenge pieces, a commission piece, and a donation piece. So many great things happening!!

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Near to My Heart – Creative Challenge – Day 4

My first house was a small ranch house in a small town. It had been built by a man and his wife and they were the only ones who had ever lived there. They lived in that same house their whole lives and by the time I moved in it was in serious need of some updating. I loved the history of the house though. And I liked updating it and making it mine.

One of my favorite things about this house was the yard. It had a huge yard. The woman who had lived there loved flowers. I knew because the yard was full of them. I was almost afraid to mow the yard because I never knew what would pop up. It was like Christmas. Every day it seemed something new came up. Sunflowers, peonie bushes, poppies, tulips, and a giant magnolia tree outside my bedroom window. I was in love with it.

11219316_10153712014141369_7587909827229272282_nWe had these big bushes that grew along the front fence. I was indifferent about them. I liked that it blocked the view into our yard from the street. Then, one day, they turned yellow. Bright brilliant yellow bushes created a backdrop for hand dug fire pit and flower surprises. I loved these forsythia bushes. I would take clippings and make bouquets out of them.

I have since moved on from that house and it’s no longer mine. I wonder if the flowers and the bushes remain. One day I will again have big yellow bushes.

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Creative Challenge – Days 3

My cat recently ate my fish. I’m a little bitter about it. Mostly because I lik12188895_10153710073421369_9075714590634426321_ned the fish better than the cat (not my cat). Anyway, the Chinese believe that goldfish are good luck. This explains why you always see them in Chinese restaurants. It is believe that if there is any bad luck they will take it with them. Therefore, if you have a goldfish die, you should immediately replace it. I decided to paint my own.

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30 Day Creative Challenge: Day 2

I love playing with the composition for cow paintings. They become like little pets. Here’s one I call “Close Up”, Acrylic on Canvas, 5×7″.


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30 Day Creative Challenge: Day 1

I have a million ideas and I get tired of just sketching them12191623_10153706747551369_630092391092914171_n out or writing them down. I decided to do a 30 day Creative Challenge. I invite you to join me. Share your creative project with me. It doesn’t have to be a piece of art, it can be anything creative.

Today I broke out the oils. I have missed oils but haven’t used them in awhile. I decided to create some tulips that have been floating around in my head. I call this “Fresh”, Oil on Canvas, 5×7″.

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