My Head is Spinning

In the past 2 months I have:

  • Shown in 7 art shows
  • Participated in 2 art festivals
  • Completed 4 commissions
  • Made 1 tv appearance
  • Had my art featured in a magazine
  • Gave 1 art talk
  • Taught 6 art classes
  • Started selling prints and cards in 2 boutiques

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind, but I couldn’t be happier. Artists often worry that winter months are slow, but I’ve been enjoying the hustle and the ride. 

With the holidays around the corner, I expect to have a little more time in the studio. To celebrate, I am announcing Custom Pet Portraits! If you have someone in your life with a fur baby, you might consider a one of a kind painting! Click below for more info and pricing.

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Paint Your Pet Parties

When I walked into Flying Pig Local Mercantile Boutique a few months ago, I went in to discuss them selling my cards and prints (which they do now). I wasn’t really thinking of teaching again.

I was offered a space to teach a class, so I thought, “what the heck, I’ll teach41515098_10156672144951369_8060428157343236096_n.jpg a class I love”. That would be my paint your pet portrait class. Participants send me a picture of their beloved pet before the class and I sketch it onto the canvas for them. The day of class, I help guide them through painting their fur baby.

I never expected the class to become hugely popular. In fact, I have now done several private parties for friend gatherings, corporate events for employee moral, and more classes in more locations.

Here’s a few I have coming up. If you’re interested, get signed up now! A few of the classes only have a few seats left! Sunday,

Nov 11, 1-3:30 p.m.
Sunday, Dec 2, 12-2:30 pm
Sunday, Dec 9, 12-2:30 p.m.

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Shows, shows, and more shows

I just realized that I have 3 shows up. If you want to see my work, you can currently view it at several places throughout the Kansas City area.f2559e962f3a1720ee9232917da7236c--life-paint-intellectual-quotes

Buttonwood Art Space in Kansas City (juried “Bloom” show) that will be up through the end of August. A portion of the proceeds from the sales go to the non-profit organization HALO that works homeless children to provide various resources.

Heartland Credit Union Association is currently featuring my artwork throughout their office in Overland Park. This show is through the ArtsKC Now Showing Program, connecting local artists with businesses. This show will hang through October.

New York Life Insurance in Overland Park will be hanging my work for the next three months. As part of an office morale initiative, they have decided to hang local artists work to help brighten their space and add a little color to their office.

In addition, I have several events already booked for September that I will be sharing. You can also find my cards and prints at Flying Pig Local Mercantile in Kansas City, MO all fo the time.



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Full circle round

I was asked to hang my work and give an art talk at an office I worked at 11 years ago Artist Tea Talk Flyer_Updatedthis week. It also happens to be my sons 10th birthday. The interesting part about all of this is that it all coincides.

11 years ago I was working a temp job at New York Life Insurance while selling off everything I owned. I was preparing for a life as a nomad. I had won an artist grant and fellowship to work in India with the kerosene brides doing art from a therapeutic aspect. I had just come from Europe after a year of artist residencies. Kansas City was a temporary stop.

Then, the unimaginable happened. I got pregnant (on birth control). Needless to say, it wasn’t in the plan. I had sold everything I owned, was working a temp job, and didn’t even have a lease on a place. I was in the perfect position to live out of a suitcase galavanting around the world; not to be a new mom.

I shed so many tears over my predicament that my boss told me with relief once I confided in her, “Thank God, I thought you had a terminal disease from all the tears”. Let’s cut through all the sweat and tears and determination and hard work, and fast forward to 11 years later.

unnamed-1My amazing son has traveled 10 countries with me, many for art related travels. He has been raised in an art studio and as a result is super social. I get a phone call from a company I was once a temp for, asking me to hang my paintings and speak about my work. If you had told me 11 years ago as I sat at my desk hyperventilating and crying that in 11 years I would be hanging on the walls as an artist and speaking about my work, I would have never believed you.

This really has come full circle round. It’s been a super reflective week for me, and I am so grateful for everything single moment of the past 11 years. I was pushed past what I ever thought capable, was given the gift of motherhood, and was still able to make my dreams a reality. It reminds me of that saying “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was going to end, it became a butterfly”

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Paint Your Pet Portrait – Take 2

This class ended up booking in out in 48 hours. It was such a huge hit, that I’m offering IMG_4808another by request.

If you’re in the Kansas City area July 19th and want something fun to do, come join us. You do have to pre-register due to the nature of the class (I have to draw your pet on the canvas first)!

You go sign up here! Paint Your Pet Portrait

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Parties and Classes

It’s been awhile since I’ve taught classes or art parties. I was so busy with travel last year, I put teaching and parties on the back burner. Recently I’ve received a lot of requests for them, so I decided to get my feet wet again. It led to me even republishing my art party website


This Thursday I will be facilitating a children’s birthday party where the kids will be painting their own canvas. I’m also super excited to be doing custom art aprons for all of the attendees!

Friday I will be doing a Paint Your Pet Class at Flying Pig in Kansas City. The class sold out in 3 days!

It’s feeling good to get back into this part of my life.

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6 Acceptance Letters


I have mentioned in past blog posts that I decided to start applying for things I didn’t have the nerve to apply before. I also applied for a lot of festivals I’ve never done, residencies that look interesting, and even a grant.

Unbelievably, I’ve gotten several acceptance letters this week. I feel almost giddy as they come pouring in. Here’s a few I got this week:

  1. Paper Birch Landing Gallery – June 15th is the art reception for the juried show that I was accepted into at Paper Birch Landing Gallery in North Kansas City. unnamed
  2. Maker Faire Pop-Up – I am super excited to get accepted into the Strawberry SwingMaker Faire Pop-Up at Union Station June 23-24th. This will be my first time doing a show with them, but I’ve heard positive things!
  3. unnamed-1Buttonwood Art Space – I also got into the juried art show “Bloom” at Buttonwood Art Space in Kansas City. The reception for that event will be the First Friday of July. They accepted 3 of my pieces and one thing I love about the show is that 30% of anything that sells goes to the non-profit organization, Halo. The organization is dedicated to helping homeless children. 
  4. KC Irish Festival – I was accepted into the Kansas City Irish Festival Art in the Park. This festival takes place August 31-Sept 2 in Washington Park across from Crown Center. I’m super excited to be part of this festival for the first time. (Did I mention that I just got my DNA report back today and it shows I’m 68% Irish)?!
  5. OP Fall Festival – I was accepted into the Overland Park Fall Festival Sept 29th in Overland Park, KS. I’ve attended this small festival for a few years now and thought it would be fun to actually participate this year.
  6. Potential Artist Residency – So this one is a bit tricky. I say potential because I didn’t actually win, but I did get waitlisted. I wasn’t sure how to feel about this. It wasn’t really an acceptance letter, but it wasn’t a rejection either. So, I guess I’ll just wait and see if I get bumped up the list. I’ll keep you posted of whether or not I’ll be headed to Colorado in August for a few weeks.

If you’re in the Kansas City area, I hope that you’ll come out and see me at one of the events!





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