10 ways I’ve turned lemons into lemonade

Summer was a whirlwind of art festivals and shows. It may have been the busiest summer I’ve had. It was good because in all of the busy work I got some real focus on my direction 12003280_10153624929646369_2666099573616520346_nand what I want to be doing.

Then, at the end of summer, I was in a car wreck. Fortunately, it wasn’t serious, but it has messed my back up temporarily. It has slowed me way down. Of course I flew into panic mode. “But I have all of this stuff to do,” was my response. I don’t have time to be hurt. My back being hurt has affected every aspect of my life. I can’t paint long without my arms going to sleep. I can’t sit long without excruciating pain, spasms, and my feet falling asleep.

Like everything, you do what you have to do. Here are some things I’ve learned.

  1. It is not healthy to spend 12 hours straight painting.
  2. When you have a limited time to do something, you focus. No more letting people interrupt your work time, playing games on your phone, and getting distracted.
  3. You stop caring about the little stuff. What going to happen if I don’t get to it? Absolutely nothing
  4. Most of the stress or deadlines I feel, are put on me by me. Most of it’s all made up in my head.
  5. Prioritizing is essential…and so is breathing
  6. Sometimes you have to know when to just take a break, lay on the floor, and get a fresh perspective
  7. You ask for help. I can’t carry heavy stuff. I can’t even bend over and pick up things very well at the moment. I also suck at taxes and stuff I don’t want to do. You learn to ask for help.
  8. You take care of yourself. This body is my vessel. I’m stuck with it and any damage I do to it. I must take care of it so that I can keep doing what I love. I must give it time to heal.
  9. I don’t have to do everything today. There is no such thing as balance. I play many roles, and at no point in my life are these going to be all balanced. I don’t need to give myself additional stress by believing this illusion.
  10. Being forced to slow down (once past throwing my temper tantrums) has resulted in a lot of productivity, doing the small stuff that often gets overlooked, and being kind to myself.

These are hard lessons to learn. I haven’t handled them all with such grace. I still get pissy when I want to work a little longer or do a little more and I can’t. But I’m learning. I’m growing, and I’m making the best of it.


About Anastacia Drake - Fine Artist

I am from Kansas and I have traveled all over the world. I am an artist, and I have a business brain. I love skirts and tennis shoes. I like to get dirty and ride motorcycles. I am sensitive and I can be mean. I love nature, and believe in protecting it. I love to laugh, and feel better after a good cry. I can be stubborn and impatient. I am constantly growing. I am open and free. I look to be inspired and love to inspire. I play guitar and secretly want to play drums. I have a puppy that brings me great joy. I love hugs, cuddling, holding hands...and wrestling. I love the mountains and the beach. I have to make a pilgrimage to the ocean at least twice a year to balance myself. I believe in balance in all things. Traveling is a passion, and meeting interesting people from all over the world is the perk! I have small town values, and big city dreams. I love beer, hate wine. I believe that what you put out comes back. I believe and live by the belief of treating others like you want to be treated. I enjoy stimulating conversation, and a good sense of humor. Caffeine is my drug of choice, and coffee over chess or good conversation is my luxury. I am strong but sometimes feel small. I strive to be my authentic me.
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2 Responses to 10 ways I’ve turned lemons into lemonade

  1. Mary Jo Misner says:

    Your work and your attitude, passion and talent certainly inspire me. I wish I could help you with your back. I know how that can impact everything. I constantly baby mine to keep the muscle spasms down. Hope the accident injuries and any other are healing as they should. Thank you fo your input and feedback and your suggestions. I love it from others. I love people, the new things out there. I hope I never stop learning and growing. In everything but weight. 😉

    I’m a 74 year old grandma of 6 plus spouses, and great grandma of two and another on the way. I met my husband when I was 14, married at 17 and we are celebrating our 57th anniversary the 18th. He was the quarterback and boy was he cute (still is). I Love to sketch and paint and always have but have never had the time in my life to dedicate to it until now. I was a banker for almost 50 years and loved it but it consumed me at times. I put deadlines and pressure upon myself too and always have. That is where my original back problems came from. From the neck-hunching shoulders and tightening up the neck, chin and head. Just telling you this from experience. It can ruin your back. Take care, I love reading your writings as much as looking at your art-almost.

    Have a great day and keep posting please.

    Mary Jo

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